Alice Shaw

Desperate Measures

In Uncategorized on May 15, 2011 at 11:09 am

What is it that Mick Fox actually wants?  He purports to be protesting against Community Services (DoCs) but he doesn’t say why.  He states that all children have the right to a loving mother and a loving father, and he’s right, but he doesn’t say why he felt he had to bring the Harbour Bridge to a standstill in order to get this message across.  He talks about his “situation” but he doesn’t actually say what his situation is.  In his interview with 60 Minutes tonight he stated that his actions would definitely get him closer to his children.  The children the court has banned him from contacting, based on his actions last Friday. 

 Mick speaks passionately about broken families and he is clearly distressed over the end of his marriage and that he is apparently not being given access to his children.  But what is he actually trying to achieve? 

 There were many people who supported Mick.  “Good on ya mate” did the rounds and many people spoke out about how hard it is for dads who don’t get a “fair go”.  But what do we know about Mick?  He apparently served in the military but the Australian Defence Force has not confirmed this.  He is apparently a witness to a murder which involved bikie gang connections and the house that he owned, recently burned to the ground with his ex-wife and one child inside.  This is pretty much all we know.  Apart from the odd friend who called into various media outlets to confirm Mick’s “good bloke” status, we don’t know anything.

 We don’t know why his marriage ended and why he isn’t getting access to his kids.  We don’t know whether there is Community Services involvement, and if there is, we don’t know why.  Did Mick call Community Services believing his children were in danger or did his ex wife call them, concerned about Mick?  We don’t know why he took to the Harbour Bridge, leaving a threatening note in his truck, to further his cause.  There are always two sides to any story and yet there has been complete silence from the other side involved.  Sometimes, this silence speaks volumes.

 Whilst he may have become a hero for some, speaking out in desperation for the children he is now legally restrained from seeing, I would argue that there is something deeper going on.  Mick seems to absolutely believe he did the right thing, he seems to believe his protest will change the lives of children, his or someone else’s.  Sadly for Mick, he seems to completely lack insight into the fact that the only change he has made, is to his detriment.

 I support peaceful protest, I believe in the rights of children.  But I do not believe that pulling a dangerous stunt, disrupting a city, endangering the lives of people on the bridge and making threats, is a constructive use of a person’s time.  Letters to editors, protests on line, engaging advocates, fighting the legal system – these may be arduous tasks but they are a safer, less threatening way to get your message cross.

  1. His actions totally undermine his stated objectives.

    The house fire is a curious addition to the mix.

  2. I agree. Someone who is involved in a potentially dangerous court case with bikie gang members should not be making public his whereabouts and drawing attention to his children. And after just 2 days of publicity, we’ve heard nothing more from Mick. I hope he has been referred to the help he so obviously needs.

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