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Royal Wedding 2011

In News on April 30, 2011 at 2:18 am

Well it’s over and now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can start their married lives together.  I didn’t really give much of a hoot about the whole thing I have to admit.  Yes, I was interested in the dress and what the bridesmaids would be wearing but other than that, I just couldn’t get involved in all the pre-wedding hype.

 And then the big day arrived.. and I was smitten.  I started watching coverage in the morning and then tuned in and out as the day went by.  As time crept forward and the big reveal drew ever closer I began to get excited.  Twitter was abuzz with wedding commentary and I very much got into the whole thing.

 Watching the guests arrive, I enjoyed the gorgeous hats, and critiquing the outfits. I felt the pain of the several pregnant women who would be sitting in a relatively chilly church with no hope of a toilet break.  I marvelled at the mess that was Tara Palmer Tompkinson’s poor nose and I was amused by Posh and Becks, having to arrive amongst the crowds, no special arrival door set aside for them.  Speaking of Posh, how she wore those towering heels whilst so very pregnant is beyond me.  But she looked stunning and if you can manage the heels, well why not I say.

 Not so long ago I was at the Victoria and Albert museum in London, gazing in wonder at an exhibition of Grace Kelly’s dresses, so I was thrilled when Katherine (is it a K or a C?) emerged wearing a dress that was so similar to that worn by Grace Kelly on her wedding day.  Such elegance, such style, just gorgeous.

 Much has been said about Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, who have access to the best of the best and yet seemed to get it terribly wrong on the day.  It appears that they may have inherited their mother’s sense of style.  It’s a shame they didn’t take advantage of their privilege and wealth and hire a stylist for the day.

 I felt for William and Kate as they were sitting listening to the priest go on and on and on.  He sure enjoyed his 15 minutes!  They both looked as though they were dying to gaze at each other but at the same time, they seemed very aware of protocol.  It was lovely to see them visibly relax as they left the church and waved to the crowds. 

 Much was made of the first kiss.. it was so brief!  But we got a second one and that was fantastic.  I don’t blame them both for being nervous about it – knowing that is what everyone was waiting for and so many eyes upon them!  Kate’s uncensored “oh wow” when she saw the crowds was magnificent and maybe I have a little rose tint to my glasses but I saw a happy young couple, very much in love, who I genuinely hope remain happy and in love for their entire lives together.