Alice Shaw

Little Girl Lost

In Opinion on August 6, 2010 at 10:37 am

Where is Kiesha Abrahams?  Somebody must know.  She is just six years old and has been gone for 6 days.     She apparently went to bed at 9.30pm last Saturday night and was left unchecked until 9.30am the next morning.  That seems like a very late night for a little girl and a very long time to be left without being checked on.

Kiesha’s mother states that her little girl had spent the previous three weeks with her.  Her grandmother was the last person to see her on 7th July.  Even given the recent birth of her baby brother, surely someone should have seen Kiesha during that time. 

There are many worrying things about this case.  The apparent length of time that Kiesha went unseen by anyone other than her mother.  Her long absences from school.  The previous treatment for a human, adult bite.  And the sketchy time line.

Jaidyn Leskie went missing in June 1997.  He was being cared for by his mother’s boyfriend, whilst his mother was out drinking at a nightclub.  The boyfriend says that he left this 14 month old baby boy sleeping in his home whilst he drove several kilometres to collect Jaidyn’s mother.  But there were several discrepancies in the story.  And the time line didn’t fit.  There are many similarities between Jaidyn’s story and Kiesha’s.

There is something just not right Kiesha’s disappearance..  Why wasn’t she seen by anyone other than her mother for three weeks?  Why did both her step-father and her mother refer to her in the past tense?  And why did her mother completely cover her face whilst appealing to the public for help?  I can only imagine the terror of finding your child missing, of going through each day desperate for their return.  I can only imagine how hard it must be to go in front of cameras and ask for public assistance.  But when a person avoids eye contact, covers their face and looks away, it seems as though they are hiding something.  When Madeleine McCann went missing in Portugal in 2007 her parents begged and pleaded on television for her safe return.  They openly implored anyone who may have seen her for help.  They have admitted their error in leaving their children unattended, albeit close by, but they never hid their faces.  It’s something to consider.

A friend recently reminded me of how Lindy Chamberlain was treated.  Initially the story was received with shock and concern.  But public opinion quickly turned against her and she was tried and convicted by the public long before the matter ever got to court.  So maybe Kristi Abrahams was just too distraught to show her face, and maybe she was grieving so much she accidentally referred to her daughter in the past tense.  But I don’t think so.

I think that Kiesha is already dead, and probably has been since just before she was reported missing.  I think that her mother probably knows what happened to her.  I think the kidnap story seemed the most feasible to cover up a murder.  And I think Kiesha will be found, eventually, in or near water.

 Speculation is that Kiesha was known to child protection services and as more information emerges, there will no doubt be a backlash against the services charged with keeping children safe.  But child protection workers are run off their feet, particularly in certain areas of Sydney.  And ultimately the people charged with keeping Kiesha safe, are her parents and there is already enough information emerging to suggest that they did anything but that. 

 I sincerely hope this story will have a happy ending.  I fear that it almost certainly will not.

  1. This whole thing is just horrific. I also feel as though there’s something awry about Kiesha’s situation, and I truly think Kiesha is lost to this world…I can feel it. It just breaks my heart that there are so many children in this country that need child services, an extremely overworked system, to protect them from their own parents. I want to believe that Kiesha is alright but deep down I feel she is gone. It’s very sad.

  2. I think child protection services are in an invideous position; they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. How can they predict human conduct?
    There seems to be a lot that has not been told or has been wrongly told, as in most of this sort of reporting. I would like to be positive, but a lot of time has passed.

  3. This whole story is just so sad and it seems that every year or so another story just like this comes out. We all get upset and say how could this happen but nothing ever changes. While there are people in this world who care more for drugs and drink and have no self esteem this will continue to happen. It is a cycle that is almost impossible to break. This liitle girl is a victim but so too are her parents, step parents and siblings, the cycle of abuse and poor parenting skills are continued to be passed down through each generation.I don’t know what the solution is or even if there is one. I pray for a happy outcome but I feel that it may not happen.

    • I think one solution is early intervention, from maternity onwards. Many times a cycle of domestic violence and a lack of parenting role models means that the cycles of abuse are repeated over and again. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get funds directed towards these programs, with many competing for a small pool which is ultimately to the detriment of the ones we are trying to protect, the children.

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