Alice Shaw

Lift Much?

In Entertainment on July 24, 2010 at 9:52 pm

I was amused to read speculation at The Huffington Post as to how well known short guy Tom Cruise, managed to be around the same height as statesque Cameron Diaz, in heels!  Seems that a little research shows that Tom loves a lift.  If you look closely in some photographs, Tom seems to be wearing shoes with wedges.  Apparently, he likes tall women, he just doesn’t have the confidence to accept the 5 feet, 7 inches he was given.

Check out those sneakers!

  1. Hey there Doll! I’ve got to say I’ve known of Tom Cruise’s lifts for years…when he was still with Nicole and making “Mission Impossible” in Sydney all those years ago, I stumbled across (not over) him and his entourage at CBD…he wanted to play pool and the fellas that I was with there had the table. Tom sent his minders over, asking for the table to be cleared, the boys explained the rules. Put your coin on the side you get to play the winner. Tom IS tiny. I’m 5ft 9″ and I felt a little awkward standing near the little guy. If I’d had heels on I could’ve used him as a bar table! To his credit, he DID wait for the next game, played, then thanked us all and walked out. He was the smallest in the room, guy wise…hehehe

  2. Ha – great story! It looks like you’ve got more than one thing in common with Cameron Diaz.. same height, have stood next to the little fella!

  3. He is a tiny dancer! 😉

  4. WTF????????

  5. Hahaha. My friend B is 6 foot 1 inch. Her husband P is 5 foot 5. It takes a man with a good sense of self to be with a woman that much taller.

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